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Keratin and Color

Tame Your Hair Brandon Florida!!
The New "No Rules" Keratin Treatment 

Everyone has a Keratin Treatment but does yours allow washing directly after the hairdresser applies it? How about pinning it up or taking care that it doesn’t kink while sleeping at night.  Well look no further. Our new “No Rules” Keratin Treatment gives you the customer your freedom back.

In the beginning, we thought the more the chemical smelled the better the product. Unfortunately, those products are still out there and have proven to be health hazards.  Unfortunately, many salons still use them, but those of us who care about the safety of our clients as well as our employees stopped using harsh caustic chemicals to make hair manageable and straight. Now we use products that are earth and environmentally safe but most keratin product still restricts the customer from doing as they please with their hair after a treatment.

Today, we have a product that lifts the moratorium on washing and kinking your hair immediately after a keratin treatment. Our new “No Rules” keratin product is not only environmentally safe; it allows you to immediately wash your hair without damaging the effects of the keratin product.

Most keratin treatments alter the outside of the hair follicle, which is why you have to wait to wash and kink your hair. Our new treatment works from the inside out. The special ingredients are formulated to bond with the hair below the surface of follicle as well as seal the cuticle. This new process places you back in charge of your hair. It is definitely a step in the right direction for manageable hair.

For more information about La Meche Hair Salon’s new Keratin treatment give us a call today at 813.684.0465. Your hair will thank you  for it.

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Goldwell Color Products
Goldwell strives to set standards for professional hair care throughout the world. Goldwell’s loyal partnership with hairdressers has brought about superior product innovations using state-of-the art technology.

Nectaya by Goldwell
Nectaya color by Goldwell is ammonia free. The first ever permanent hair color with patented IntraLipid ingredients with sustainability that replenishes lost Lipids(proteins). Nectaya also contains Argan oil which leaves your hair exceptionally shiny.

Benefits of Professional Hair Color
When you get your hair colored by a Goldwell trained haircare professional, you get shimmering, long-lasting hair color that looks terrific with your skin tone and eye color. Plus, you’ll enjoy healthy, shiny locks that are more manageable than ever. That’s because Goldwell colorists use the best hair color in the world, and are highly trained in how to use it-for perfect results every time.

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